There are a  lot of places where people can visit in Japan. The major centres of the nation are Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. And for many people these are “must see” locations. Over the years I have had the good fortune to visit those places often and enjoy each and every trip. But there is something very special about Kagawa-ken. This prefecture is the smallest prefecture of the nation. It is largely unknown by the Western world, and as a result very few foreigners come to this area.


Little do they know what a treasure of Japan Kagawa is. The city Takamatsu is clean and modern. The shopping district is beautiful and has its charm. There are hundreds of interesting things to see and do here in Kagawa, far away from the teeming stampedes of people with cameras, mega-phoned tour groups, and overly boisterous shoppers looking for the “Harajuku” experience or a “cosplay” convention.

Kagawa is quieter, more pristine, and home to a gentler and calmer pace of life. Here, the people of Kagawa enjoy very temperate weather, and as a result enjoy a local culture of natural and aesthetic pursuits. Bonsai gardening, the o-henro pilgrims we find on the roads traveling through the 88 temples of Shikoku, tea ceremony, and art festivals are the things that make Kagawa truly marvellous, and modestly inspiring.

We started this site as an extension of our work as language educators here in Kagawa. We love this prefecture, and have deep feelings for the people we serve in our classrooms. This project is one that has two purposes. The first is to invite and welcome people from outside of Japan who are seeking a more meditative and spiritually inspirational experience to come to visit. The second is to support the culture and community of Kagawa that has welcomed us, supported us, and whose families and children that we know and care for.

We believe that Kagawa is a very unique, and mostly undiscovered, marvel of Japan. As more people come to this country to learn and explore its culture, a certain element of the quiet of tea, bonsai, meditation, and art may be preserved for future genreations. We welcome you to come and visit here to have your own unique, and potentially enlightening encounter.

For those who have a desire to experience a Japan that is unique and original, we urge you to contact us and get in touch with our friends to arrange your tour. We are most certain that your time in Kagawa, this jewel of Japan, will stay with you for the rest of your life.