These last couple of weeks have been a very interesting one for us. We had a meeting with an advertising chief and talked about what we could do together to promote Kagawa Prefecture, and help local businesses here.

Kagawa is a very beautiful place, full of culture and style, and the natural and aesthetic surroundings are serene. For younger people, however, this is not the place of neon lights or high fashion so a good number tend to migrate across the Seto Inland Sea to live in places like Osaka and Kobe.

As a result, local business can sometimes suffer.

We do not offer solutions to the larger development issues that an entire region may face, but we do know that in the last few years there has been a growing international interest in Kagawa. That interest comes from overseas, and little by little more people from other countries are coming here to experience all that Kagawa-ken has to offer. This particular advertising chief is someone who has grown up in Kagawa, and feels that we can do much together to help local restaurants, inns, resorts, and places of interest in creating bilingual assistance to help foreign visitors get the most out of their experiences here.

Our second significant meeting was with a president of a local tour company. We are currently putting the key elements of a tour together and designing the logistics for local travel and accommodations. This is a very exciting time for us, and we hope you will stick with us for updates as everything takes shape.

Next meeting will be with a bonsai nursery, so that will prove to be very fun and interesting! Photos to come for sure.


Another great thing about Japan is that there are festivals all year round, and there is a major art festival that comes to this region every three years. It is the Setouchi Art Festival, and it is quite spectacular. Here is a link to their site: . We will have more on that here in the months to come.

Thanks for dropping by today. More updates will come and this website will slowly take a more definitive shape. I am learning the ropes of WordPress as I go, so your patience is most appreciated!!