Hello! And also, thanks for visiting! We really are at the very beginning of developing this blog and site, and I am learning quite a bit as I go along. So thanks for your patience in advance as I stumble and trip around a little getting things organized.

The Konpira section of the site is done for now and I filled it with a lot of pictures. I am afraid that the photos I took do not do it justice, but you will at least, have a tourist-type of idea what I saw through the lens of my camera. We had a couple of kids in tow, so while I was saying fatherly things like, “DO NOT TOUCH THAT!” and “Are you sure you want to irritate your dad further?” I could not take as many pictures as Konpira really deserves.

Check it out at: https://cometokagawa.com/konpira/

We had a really good visit though, and while I exaggerate, I am glad that the kids had a good time too. The complained a bit that their legs got tired, but we stopped several times on the way up and they really enjoyed themselves in the end. It was a wonderful time for our family, and we hope it could be a good refreshing and invigorating experience for you too!