A little busy this week but I managed to put together a few notes and upload some photos about Shodoshima for this website. I am so glad that we went with my girls. It was really fun and we saw some really original things too. Weekend trips are now becoming a ritual for my family as we explore and learn more about Kagawa-ken.

What is so interesting is that I have lived in Japan for … wow, I guess close to 20 years. The last 8 have been here in Kagawa-ken. I have been discovering more and more of Japan as a visitor and tourist.

I suppose that the reason for this “disconnect” is that I have really spent most of my time in Japan doing one of three things: 1. Working as a teacher and helping kids learn English. 2. Spending time with my kids and just busy trying to raise them. 3. Doing karate (currently retired though!)

With this project we get to do a couple of fun things. The first is to help get the word out about this truly magnificent jewel of Japan. I have seen a lot of the country, but there is really something special about this place. Unique. Untouched. Pure. I think you will like it too, if you can come out our way!

The other fun thing is that I get to be in the role of a student again. I am learning about bonsai. I am learning about the 88 Buddhist pilgrimage. This site is a kind of adventure and I hope that you will come along with me as we learn together. That is the best kind of adventure to have. Ok, signing off for now. Thanks again for visiting. I am so glad you came.