Well, we had a very interesting development in our project today. After meeting with a very cool tour company today we have agreed to begin the process of working together to introduce and promote the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage.


I am very new to the whole process, so I will learn as you will learn. I am going to initially take the “fast” course this year so that I can quickly learn as much as possible about the temples, the process, and how YOU can come over here too and do it for real.

My journey (by bus tour!) will start in the New Year. I know that the really hard and tough “ohenro-san” (pilgrims) will laugh as they embark on the long 40 day trudge through hills and mountain, but I am of limited time and as much as I would love it, can’t get away from the company. I do, indeed, hope to take a 40 day break from our company and walk it proper, but for now I hope you will allow me to be a “go-between” and trust me to take as many notes and photos as I can so that when YOU come this way and do it for real you will have a lot of information about the things you can see with your own eyes.

In short, I will scout it all out for you.


The bus “ohenro” will take weekend journeys throughout the year. I intend on being there too. So, come along with me through the months to come and I will update you on all the things I see along the way. The regular “ohenro-san” sometimes must keep a pretty steady pace through all the temples and can’t take enough time to focus on each one. But I plan on doing it. That will all kick off from next month! I am pretty excited about the whole process, and no I will not be dressing as a real “ohenro” for the part. I think I would like to leave that to the real pros.

Thanks for coming by again, and have a great day people.

Mark Groenewold