Truly one of the most spectacular, and very subtle, gardens of Japan. Visitors to Ritsurin Garden are often amazed as to how beautiful, natural, and warm the garden is. There are many gardens in Japan, and many are also extraordinary. What makes Ritsurin very special, in our opinion, is that you are free to go and touch the trees. You can walk on the grass. You can get close enough to smell the flowers.

The garden is not a “museum” of nature. There are paths to stay on, but much also to step forward and see as close as you like. During the cherry blossom season, it is marvellous to see kids running around in the park, with kites, balls, and games. Families enjoy this park. This the the treasure of their city and is meant for people to use and enjoy, not to simply see from a distance or at arms’ length.

Welcome welcome. The carp need you to feed them!