Hi. Today we took the kids downtown to hang out, have lunch, and to show you a little of what the shopping scene looks like downtown. Takamatsu is a very laid back place. Of course, you can go to the shoe stores, high-end brand-name shops, and clothing stores. But we wanted to show you some of the traditional craft/tea/decoration type places that you might want to check out. It was nice, and my little girls had a good time.

Next trip out we may try one of the islands to report to you about. We are in the midst of assembling a bonsai-related experience. And in other updates, we may have a very unique water-taxi service for foreign visitors too.

We are really excited as we develop this project. It seems that the more we do with it, the more people we meet who want to get involved, share their lives and experience and knowledge with other, and have fun meeting new people. We are very optimistic and are simply delighted to be part of the process. In the meantime, please do take care, and come by for a visit with us soon.