Well, it is a new year, and 2016 promises to be a lot of interesting things. This year I have a few resolutions and I hope they will all be fulfilled.

Regarding this site, one of the big missions I have is to introduce more of Kagawa-ken to people outside of Japan. From this month I will be periodically going out on bus tour to visit all 88 temples on the Buddhist pilgrimage. I apologize in advance for not doing the authentic pilgrimage on foot. If I could get away for a month and a half to walk around Shikoku I would do it in a heartbeat.

So, for the pilgrimage I will do my best to make notes and take a lot of photos as we travel from temple to temple. One of the things I hope to bring to the project is more information for each location than is typically available.

I am reading Craig McLauchan’s, “Tales of a Summer Henro” and I truly admire the man for doing the pilgrimage in summer. It is unbelievably hot in the summer months and I am enjoying the tales of his travels. One thing that is missing in the book, due to the tremendous strain he endured throughout his travels, are details for each temple. I am hoping to resolve that and add more to what we have in English information for the temples.

henro craig

The goal is to give the next round of pilgrims more information about each temple and about the pilgrimage experience. I hope that it will be helpful and this is my personal project for the year 2016.

Wishing each of you a wonderful new year, full of promise and discovery. Come along with us as we take a short journey through this part of Japan. Maybe we both can learn something important along the way.