So, I have been a little busy of late… A couple weekends ago I went on the first of twelve visits to the temples that make up Kukai’s 88 Temple Pilgrimage. I am traveling with a bus of pilgrims and it has been a wonderful experience. At first, I did not know what to expect, and the thought of being in a bus rambling around the countryside did not, at first, appeal to me at all. I like to drive. I like to hike a little. I like to go and see things as I like. I would like to imagine myself “a free spirit” and free spirits do not do bus tours.

But this was actually quite great. The bus company, Koto Bus, is super professional and the staff are really kind and polite. The guide to each temple is literally a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the temple pilgrimage. Also, the other people on the trip are very kind, gentle, and easy-going types.

I think I just needed to get over myself, and just enjoy the ride.

I am glad I did.

Right now I am putting together all the information and photos on the “sister-site” to Come to Kagawa. You can check it out at That site will be one dedicated solely to the 88 temple pilgrimage and I will drop all the information I possibly can there for you to check out.