It has been a very interesting past few days. The other day I was invited to a meeting with people involved in the “Ohenro Friendship Association”. We had a most interesting meeting and there were people present from all kinds of different backgrounds. There were professors and tour guides, business people and language school owners (that would be me!), and some students as well. The conversation was primarily about what can be done to help promote and educate the public more about the 88 Temple Pilgrimage. A most interesting talk!

There have been some good books written about the Ohenro experience. As I keep adding to this site I will surely include them and introduce them to you as well. There are also a number of websites that are pretty good explaining elements of the experience. I am going to try to contact those authors and request some mutual links between our sites in the hope of developing a network of people who have been involved in the journey and in the process of developing information.

One thing that needs some attention quite quickly are the entries for the first several temples I have already visited. I will try to get on that as soon as possible. The next leg of the pilgrimage is scheduled in a couple of weeks and I do not want to fall too far behind “on the trail” as it were.

Through and through I truly hope that this blog and website will be of some service to you. That is an important thing for me. I want this site to be readable and friendly. Too much material is already out there from a “lecturer” type of approach. I will not pretend to be an authority on Buddhism, Japanese culture, or all the things you are “supposed” to do should you come to Shikoku to walk the paths of the pilgrimage.

I think that would be false. I think it would be odd. Really, I am just a very simple Canadian boy who grew up on the snow-grey streets of Edmonton, Alberta, who somehow… someway… found himself in the shadow of Kukai here in Japan. It is the strangest thing.

I suspect that there may be something for me to learn for myself as this project unfolds. But I do not expect a “bolt of ‘satori’ (Buddhist enlightenment)” as I go along. I do not expect, or wish for that, at all. I just want to be in the moment I am. I would just like to be a bit more grateful than I usually pretend I am. And I hope to just show you, rather than TELL you, the things that are to be seen.

Thanks so much for coming by! Ok, now to get on the temple pages 88 to 81 !