The wind was pretty strong today, but strong and warm. You can really feel the seasons change here all of the sudden in charming Kagawa-ken. Last week was cold at night, but now I can walk our little dog for her last outing at 10pm without any discomfort at all. Spring is almost here.

almost spring one

With spring comes a new season for our schools too. We know that there are some kids who are moving on to high school and college. We will be sad to see them move on, but also glad to have had the time to know them. We shall meet again, I hope.

We will also see the newest wave of new students come too, and for that we must prepare and get ready for all the good things to come.

This site, Come to Kagawa, also has a lot of promising and exciting things that will develop this year. We are learning more about the 88 Buddhist Pilgrimage, and working with  people to help you come here too so you can see it for yourself. We are also excited at the Art Festival which shall burst forth from March. It is a great time to be in Kagawa. There is something in the air, but it does not seem to blow so gentle. Instead, the wind is coming in large gusts and the feeling of new things to come and experience whips through the hair, surrounds you from head to toe as you stand in the midst of it, and pushes us in a new direction.