Ok, so I know that is not how the song goes. Rainy season in Japan is really… rainy. Kagawa is a pretty arid environment but I was surprised this year with the amount of rain we got, and are still getting today too. But the rain is good. It fills up the rice fields with water. It washes away the dust and dirt. I don’t have to wash my car for a few weeks. There are some upsides. The downside is that your energy gets completely sapped… You just feel like you have no gas in the tank sometimes.

But we are still chugging along as best as we can. There are several more updates to the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage website (www.yourpilgrimageinjapan.com) and that has been a dream assignment for myself this year. I really can’t believe it took me about eight years to get around to doing it. This last time out was a trip to Kochi, and that was simply spectacular. It was great to see the ocean on that side of Shikoku. In contrast, the Seto Inland Sea is very quiet and calm. Much like life here in Kagawa-ken, I think.

The Setouchi Art Festival is still in full swing, but the rain has slowed things down a bit on the islands as well. It is a great time to be here in Kagawa-ken.

A few very interesting developments are going on with our language schools as well. I cannot let the cats out of the bag yet, but we feel like we are making some tremendous steps forward, and making some deep impact in the educational needs that kids have in English lessons.

Currently we are in the time of the year that we call, “the flat zone”. It is a time when most kids are firmly tucked into their regular weekly schedules and there is little movement going on in terms of rushes of kids knocking on our doors to join our lessons. But, what we are doing in the days to come is kind of cool. We are going to have our summer school for kids, and that will involve a lot of longer sessions, immersion lessons and time for us to work closer with the kids to polish up their language skills.

Also, we are going to have a very cool session with ROBOTS. That is right. We have a couple of robot building experts coming who will be helping our kids make actual, real-moving robots. That is the coolest thing. Photos and details will come later on.


I think that this is the coolest thing bout running my own company. We can get a whole bunch of different people together, each with their own talents and imagination, and do some very  interesting things together. I love the collaboration and the teamwork. It is the thing that make us better, and connects us to one another. I am really looking forward to the weeks ahead. It should be great!!