This summer has been flying by, and it has been very good. There have been a number of visits to temples on the Ohenro route, I had great friends come out and we visited Kyoto and Takamatsu for a week, my school ran a series of summer school activities for kids (art, science, translation, advanced English study, robot construction, and robot programming!), the Setouchi Art Festival is in full swing, we took the kids to the Takamatsu Summer Festival, and I will be out for a couple of days later this month for Ohenro. To top it off, I made a new friend in the area who is a long-term expat in these parts. He is funny as all get-out, and very congenial. It is hot as heck somedays, but that is Kagawa-ken for you. No sense in complaining. Just enjoy the heat and sweat while we have it.

I think I am living a charmed life. There is such variety and variation each and every day. Lots to do. Lots of things to try. Lots of new people to meet and enjoy.

As for this site, and for our sister site , I am working steadily on updates and adding more content as we go along. I have no idea what the final shape will be, that is, if a “final” shape can be realized. Perhaps this is more of an evolutionary exploration of these things. I am grateful for you good folks coming by to visit, and we seem to be growing an audience as well. For that, I am both grateful and apologetic. Sorry for the errors and gaps you may find in these pages, and thanks so much for dropping by.

I hope that in the weeks and months to come you can do more than just drop by this website, but that you can also just drop by here in Kagawa. You will surely find something interesting here to carry for the rest of your life.

In the meantime, travel safe, and be well.