Hello again, dear friends and neighbors. My apologies for being absent here for the past few weeks. Things have been busy with our work in englishbiz, and I have just returned from a work-related trip to Spain which was BIG fun.


While it was truly wonderful to see the sites of Spain, the Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Gaudi architecture, and also visit the Santiago de Compostela, I also managed to get some work done as well. Spain is a marvelous country, and I could make some new good friends (that is always the best part!), but I could also connect with people in the travel business and start the discussion of how we can complement each other in terms of inviting tourists to come here to Kagawa, and also introduce well-supported visiting opportunities in Spain as well.

There are some great similarities between Shikoku and the Santiago de Compostela. Both have pilgrimage routes, both cultures are keen on food-related experiences, and both are deeply rooted in art. Our new contacts in Spain and our little company here are now in cahoots to link these two cultures and to hopefully start the flow of new visitors to Kagawa. It took several meetings with various potential agencies and companies, but we found a key person there who is very interested in a collaboration.

Here in Kagawa, we really are surrounded by a wide variety of incredible things to see, and to experience. It is a great pleasure to do this kind of work, and it is our very sincere hope and intention to bring this project to fruition in the next year or so. If we are able to make this connection go smoothly, we will be able to have new friends and visitors from Spain come to Kagawa regularly, and also to provide a meaningful and safe experience for people here in our fair prefecture to venture out to Spain to enjoy the music, food, culture, and life  on that side of the world.

Some days I really love my job.