Of course you know that Kagawa prefecture is famous for udon. Everyone who loves udon will tell you this. Kagawa-ken is sometimes even called “Udon-ken”. You can even write “Udon-ken” on a letter and it will come to Kagawa.

But there is something else that is great here in Kagawa, and it come from Kutsuwa-do. They make “kawara” sembei, a kind of special cookie that is really tasty. The “kawara” or “roof tile” sembei is hard and crunchy and made from very high quality sugar “wasanbin” which is used for tea ceremony snacks. Known throughout Kagawa, this is a great representative and a good souvenir for family and friends overseas. They are light, and travel well in your suitcase. It is very cool to bring back with you handmade snacks from Japan, made by professional craftsmen who work with a long family tradition and recipe.

The website is: http://www.kutsuwado.co.jp

Here is a few things that this great local company makes. Check it out:


Recently, they also made a very nice snack for our company. This is really cool too!


To get your hands on these great snacks you can find them in many places around Takamatsu, as well as the airport and also at Youme Town in the supermarket area.