Hello and warm warm greetings! First of all, I hope that the year 2017 has been treating you well. It started off with a big bang for us, and we are working very steadily to make this year a very special one indeed.

Last year was the year to set up this website, and also the www.youpilgrimageinjapan.com website as well. It was a good year of beginning to learn more and explore more of what Kagawa has to offer, and to know my home away from home in a better and more significant way.

At this point in our journey we are at the stage where we have engaged several local businesses linked to Kagawa Tourism and are ready to push forward with making this project take a more permanent form.  We are in a marketing push to invite professional tour companies to look carefully at the many things that Kagawa has to offer, the cultural experiences, the art, the people, and to work with local companies and linking the two together. We are well underway so this is a very exciting time for us.

If you are responding to an invitation to look at this website, and get a better sense of what Come to Kagawa is all about, you too are most warmly welcome. Kagawa-ken, the smallest prefecture of all Japan has so much to offer for visitors. Far away from the concrete facades of Tokyo and Osaka, Takamatsu and Kagawa are much warmer, friendlier, and permit a place where people can get much closer to the culture experiences they are hoping for.

Making udon with professional noodle masters, having and making tea with elegant tea teachers, trying your hand at calligraphy under the patient gaze of a professional, working with bonsai tools with bonsai master gardeners, chances for zen meditation in a Japanese temple, and having intimate experiences in both Shinto and Buddhism are all possible things for people to come and explore.

There are many big companies that wheel in groups by the dozens to pile in and out of buses, right in front of places to purchase souvenirs and buy burgers. There is nothing wrong with that, frankly, but if you are looking for a more thoughtful and hands-on experience in Japan for your clients, we think you can find that here in Kagawa.

We are still in the process of soothing out the edges of what we have to offer, but our team of local business owners in hospitality, as well as several artists and craftspeople are all very keen to share their home, their experience, and their passions in Japanese culture with you and your guests.

Contact us via email at either: cometokagawa@gmail.com or englishbiztakamatsu@gmail.com . I look forward to talking with you about our project in detail.

Yours Truly,