AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYxAAAAJDkxOGU2OTliLTJhNjAtNGJjZi04ZGIwLWM4NDA0Y2U0ZTZjNAI wrote a “Long Time No See” blog last February! We have already flown through spring, and raged through summer. And yet, still no consistent updates on this blog. I should hang my head in shame. I should lament my slovenly nature of not being more regular with updates, but there are reasons and perhaps you would like an explanation.

I shall do my best, friends and neighbors, to update you where I can. The simple truth is that our company and school, englishbiz, has kept us very busy through the past several months. I may have mentioned our work before (and you can check out more details of our groovy schools at —careerteachingjapan.com), and you can see that we keep a pretty hectic pace.

The problem with hectic paces is that sometimes things get a bit muddy, mistakes are made, the wrong people get hired on our staff, we recognize things that need change and reform, and many days start to slip away as we get re-aligned. I think that in the end of it all, through all the nonsense, and sorting out the debris, we come through much stronger for it. There seems to be a process that is necessary to go through in order to come to some understandings. You gotta fall down, skin your knees pretty good, and just get back up.

It gets hard though, I suppose, when your slips and trouble, you hear people jeer. You hear people celebrate as you stumble. That can be a bit hard to hear. But frankly, for me, it just make the bouncing back stronger, more aggressive, and more determined than ever. The best thing I ever heard growing up was, “You can’t do that.”

Oh yeah. Watch this. Or in Canadian, “Hold my beer.”


In previous blogs I have mentioned that we are working with companies and service industries that are keen to promote and welcome visitors to this unbelievably beautiful prefecture. Many connections are still there, but we have, of yet, been unable to execute some of the plans. Part of this issue has been our own busy-ness, and the other has been that the right key person to formalize some of these initial discussions was unable to commit to our project. All of that is perfectly fine, and temporary.

We are almost at a point to pivot and get back to our previously scheduled plans. Thanks for being patient with all of this. We expect to be ready to blast ahead within 6 months. That may seem long, but just like the time between my last blog update and this one, they will fly by! LOL!

I have decided to make Takamatsu my home from here on out. It is a wonderful and beautiful place for my youngest kids to grow up. The people are kind. The udon is fresh. The ohenro are on the road. Life is good.

In the meantime, hold my beer.