Whether you are interested in the Satsuma Azalea, the Kuromatsu Black Pine, the Goyomatsu White Pine, the Nishikimatsu Japanese Brocade Pine, the Yamamomiji Japanese Maple, among others you will know when you read these words that you have entered the world of BONSAI.


Bonsai trees are beautiful. They are intricate. They are delicately taken care of. They have an appeal to them which is unmistakable, and for most people, when you see them you will stop, look carefully, and admire something that is both natural and carefully tended to by human hands.

If you are someone who is interested in the bonsai tree you simply must come to Kagawa-ken to see where they come from. Over 80% of the world’s bonsai trees come from Kagawa. You may see them in other places in Japan, such as Omiya town in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo, but Kagawa is bonsai heaven. Kagawa is bonsai Nirvana.

Here are a few links for places that can get you into bonsai here in Kagawa!




On this next site you will find some excellent information, as well as maps of where the gardens are located. If possible, please make a reservation before coming to the nurseries.


http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/en/map/garden.html  (maps for the gardens)

We have met several bonsai enthusiasts, as well as nursery owners, and they are all very kind, calm, and serene. Much like the bonsai trees themselves. This is a wonderful hobby and a gentle pastime. We will continue adding information as it becomes available regarding bonsai and hope to see you here in Kagawa, enjoying the bonsai gardens, and perhaps even getting your hands in the soil to develop you own talents in bonsai care and cultivation.

A few links to individual bonsai nurseries: