The heartland of Shorinji Kempo is in the small town of Todatsu in Kagawa Prefecture. A relatively newer martial art, Shorinji Kempo has its roots in Kagawa and has grown and spread all over the world. Here is a quick link for some background and history into Shorinji Kempo: .

Here are also a couple of quick videos you can see that promote Shorinji Kempo. The first is a very short one of local foreign assistant language teachers enjoying an introduction seminar, and the second is a bit more serious, as “enbu” (choreographed fighting) is done in front of a larger audience.

Here is the demo:


We are very much looking forward to communicating with Shorinji Kempo groups and students around the world, and doing what we can to help facilitate visiting, and potential training opportunities for those in this martial art. For myself, having been a karate student and instructor for many years, it has always been a thrill to train in Japan with the Japanese masters. It’s a great experience that not only enhances the hard training one may face through weeks and years, but also inspires and motivates you to continue and grow in your own understanding.

If you are an instructor or student of Shorinji Kempo please feel free to contact me through this page. More information will be coming in as we receive it.