When you come to Takamatsu you will likely find yourself drawn to, or pushed towards, or at least highly encouraged to visit the Ritsurin Garden in town. It just can’t be helped. The site is really very lovely and is enjoyed in every season. It is so popular, in fact, that the garden sells annual passes for frequent visitors. It really is a serene escape from the world, full of color, creative shapes, tea houses, and even calm boat rides as you float out over the calm.

This first photo is the “emblem” of Risturin park, the curved bridge. It’s a beautiful spot from which to view the water and the trees. Make sure to climb up behind the carp pond to take your own photos of this view.


Throughout the park you will find different kinds of trees and buildings. There are plenty of places to rest and to simply sit. While the weekends are pretty busy with visitors, coming in the morning or during the week you can find lots of places where you will be the only one there.




As a foreign visitor you will be pleased so see a lot of English signage. The Ritsuriin Garden staff have really ramped up efforts to be more helpful with visitors. It is sometimes possible to meet volunteer guides who are more than happy to explain things to you about the garden and walk with you through the site so you can more fully be informed of all the things you are looking at.


The people of Takamatsu have a real pride about the Ritsurin Garden, so please come down and take a look. Admission is very inexpensive and you can easily spend a couple of hours in the day to wander down the paths, climb the gentle slopes, and to enjoy a cup of tea.



After a few minutes as you walk through the park you will know for yourself why Ritsurin Garden is considered to be a jewel of the city.