Here is a quick link to an article written in England about this area. It seems that there is a growing interest in people hoping to have a nice vacation in Japan that is off the beaten track. Very nicely written, and has information also about local festivals that go on throughout the year!

I did not know that a “taxi-load” is an expression that meant a lot. Just goes to show that I have a few more things to learn about my own language. This piece was put together by the JNTO (Japanese National Tourist Organization).

Here is another article from the same site highlighting Shikoku.

Sadly, they only mention going to Ehime to enjoy the Dogo Onsen and then going to Tokushima for the Awa Odori Festival. HEY!! You just drove by the best part… that’s right. KAGAWA. We have art. We have pilgrims. We have kabuki and Noh. We have bonsai. We have Kompira Shrine. We also have an airport that goes direct to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Come to Kagawa. There is a lot to see! There is a lot to experience! There is a lot to do!