When you are finished with your time in Tokyo and Kyoto and need a little time to escape the crowds and people standing too close to you on the train, you will find your mirth and your zen again when you are on the ferry out to Shodoshima.

Shodoshima can be translated as “small beans”, so whether or not you are small potatoes or full of beans, or need some other vegetable-related metaphor, this is a very nice get-away for a day or two.

When you get to Shodoshima disembark and start exploring. There is much to see! You can get to the Kanka Gorge, which explodes in color, particularly in autumn. You can walk the Angel Road (accessible twice a day as the tide comes in). You can check out the terraced rice fields, the olive groves, and see monkeys and cats wandering about.


Here is a great little video taken by a couple that came to Shodoshima. You can see how relieved they are to have taken some time away from the big city.


This next video is VERY nicely done, and funky and cool. Surprisingly very few views, particularly as it is so wonderfully edited and has groovy music. Check it out!


Shodoshima also has a miniature set of the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. So if you are pressed for time, and want to get it all done in a day, you can do that too. This really is such a beautiful and pristine area. You can just see from the photos how gorgeous it is. Come for the beautiful day trip, have something made of olives, browse and enjoy the art. Feel the wind in your hair and on your face. Shodoshima!


Getting there is a piece of cake, and cost for the ferry is about $6.00US. Have a great time and let me know how it was!


(note: Thanks to Takuma K. for use of the photo with rice fields. Much appreciated!!)