If you are coming to Kagawa for the Setouchi Triennial (Seto Inland Sea International Art Festival which comes here every three years) you will likely find yourself heading out to Teshima to check out the exhibits. The major art site there is the Teshima Art Museum. The museum is relatively new, only opened in 2010 and is itself a giant piece of art. The area is gorgeous, and the travel getting there is nice too.

While I am working on making more articles to share my home away from my home in Canada, I found this very cute Youtube video made by Khairul Rizal. He made a few of them on his visit to Kagawa, and they are just so charming. What I like about them is that there is no pretence, or ego in the way of simply enjoying the art and having fun with friends in a beautiful environment. Getting around Teshima is best done by bicycle, so make sure you head down to the rental shop pronto and secure your wheels! Check out his cool video here. He has more so I need to watch those too. Thanks Khairul for your very groovy video work!

Here is another very nice video by a creator who calls her channel, “Wandering with Yan”. It was also tremendously charming, and so pleasant. She has a great soothing voice.


There is also a part two to Yan’s adventure with friends, so check that one out too! When you get to Teshima, also make sure to check out the Shima Kitchen!