There are different kinds of travellers. We see them come to Takamatsu and see them all over Kagawa in different ways. There are a good number of solitary visitors who come and walk the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. Whenever I see one I say hello, and more often than not, they REALLY want to have a chat. It can be hard to walk so many miles with only your own thoughts to keep you company. When I think about being alone with my own thoughts for any extended period of time there is certainly cause for concern. Knowing this, I am always glad to chat with anyone that needs to take a minute to talk.

We see lots of people come with their partner, or with a couple of friends. Travel is wonderful, and to share experiences with a significant other can be wonderful. We all see some school groups from time to time, and a fair number of students.

But what about family travel? We do not see so many families traveling through Kagawa but that may simply be because they have not heard much about this area. But frankly, and as a dad of elementary aged kids, I think that Kagawa is simply an excellent place to travel with your family. Big cities are noisy and crowded. Kids are often pressed in among strangers on the train, and they can’t see anything over the heads of anyone so they have to stand silent and patient for extended periods of time. That is NO FUN.

But here in Kagawa there is space for kids to run about a little. And there are things that will capture their imagination and keep them occupied and happy. I stumbled upon some excellent family vacation video that I encourage you to look at. The tone is great. The production is excellent. And to hear how excited the kids are to see things, to visit Ristsurin Garden, to introduce new foods they now like, and to take us alone with them is charming beyond words. Meet Maya and Alex. These are some really cool kids.

Check these out! The first video is the kids riding the ferry to come to Takamatsu. Wow!

Rarely will you see such perfectly behaved kids! Big kudos to some super parents. Well done Mom and Dad!!

One thing I noticed with these kids is that they were always so “in the moment” with whatever they were doing. I didn’t see any electronic devices of any kind that would have stolen the experience from them. They are up and about, running around, eating things, trying things, and getting excited about all the cool bugs they see. I really dig that.

Nice job guys! Hope you will come back again for another visit!