As we are moving along with this site and getting some considerable interest in it, one thing that we absolutely need to do is to suggest places for you to SLEEP! You may be coming in from a long trip, either by train, plane, or ferry, and the first thing you want to do is have a bath or shower, get that backpack off your back, take off your shoes, and catch your breath.

Takamatsu has a number of very good hotels and there is a range of accommodations for you to choose from. I want to introduce to you today the Hotel AreaOne. It is an excellently located hotel and right next to Takamatsu Station, the port for all the ferries that go to all the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and also near the Kotoden Train line that will get you inland to places like Kotohira (think Kompira Shrine, kabuki, and Udon lessons!).

The place is clean, described as “Unfussy with a restaurant and bar”. What more could you ask for. Check them out at their website here:

There is also a pretty good video to check out as well from a fellow traveller.

She shows us a pretty clean looking, Japanese style, futon on tatami mat sort of accommodation. I think that is great. And if you have a chance to sleep like the Japanese do, that would be something kind of need to add some accent to your travels.

I do like Samantha’s videos! We will look at some of her other work in another blog!