So, you’ve checked into your hotel, had a quick nap after your long trip to Takamatsu, and now you are fully awake, ready to get out and explore. Luckily, there are a lot of different places for you to check out in the city centre. Let’s go to the “shotengai” (covered shopping arcade) and see what there is to be seen.

The first place I want to introduce to you is Trattoria 77 Bar and Grill.


When you are greeted at the door you meet a very nice and well mannered young man who, despite not speaking any English, sure tries to make you feel welcome-IN ENGLISH! That was quite nice. He says that the upstairs is momentarily full, but the long bar downstairs is open if you like. They also have free Wifi.

We do not object and head down the steps to the bar under the bar. From the menu (which is in ENGLISH!) we find some delicious meats, cheeses, stuffed mushrooms, salads, duck, pizza, and many other items ready to be enjoyed.

Angus Beef! Whoa.

It can seem hard to find places to walk into, especially if you feel nervous about not understanding Japanese.

A pretty nice selection of meats and cheeses!

The drink menu is also pretty extensive. They have beers and cocktails. The ambiance is very nice and not too noisy. We noticed a few other people visiting and they looked like they were there on vacation. The wait staff is very friendly and kind, and really go out of your way to feel at home. Very much recommended!

Our second stop was to the Shamrock Pub. Head on up the stairs and enter, what can only be described as WHISKEY HEAVEN. I’m not a big drinker, but if you are a whiskey ¬†drinker you will be absolutely delighted to come to the Shamrock.

Come on up!

As soon as you walk into this cozy warm pub you will be warmly greeted by the staff. The owner speaks absolutely flawless English. He is very kind and will gladly chat with you in great detail about whiskey, traveling to Scotland, and everything you can possibly imagine about the intricacies of flavours and developing the perfect whiskey drink. There are many hundreds of kinds of whiskey here, so if whiskey is your thing, prepare to settle in and enjoy. Just ask for recommendations and see where the evening takes you.

But even if whiskey is not your thing, you can talk with the staff and ask them about all kinds of other things that are on their menu. This is  a very nice place, not noisy, and good place to talk and enjoy yourself.


Until next time out, cheers! Don’t drink and drive, stay safe, and enjoy yourself.