I am always interested in finding reviews and insights of people who have come to Kagawa to see the sights, eat the food, play in the surf, ride the ferries, enjoy the art, make some bonsai, have a snack, and enjoy their time in a Japan that is far off the beaten path.

Here are a few very charming YouTube videos by a gentleman named Dave Brett.

The first one is of Dave’s visit to Ritsurin, Naoshima, and Teshima

I thought that he did a great job with the editing of the video. He is completely unassuming, very personable, and super laid back. As he is going through his journey he really seems to just “take you by the hand” and off you go! Splendid!!

The next is a short video of Dave trying out Olive Soda. When you get here you can try for yourself.

The final video put up by Dave is his adventure in eating a Kagawa snack that is almost as big as your head. Strawberry shaved ice!

As I watched the videos I was struck as to how incredibly personable Dave is. No drama. No stuck up behaviour or “I have special insight into the exotic Japan experience” nonsense. Just enjoying himself in the moment.

The islands have great art and art experiences for visitors. Dave is a guy on a mission to see things, try things, enjoy things, and take you along for the (bicycle) ride.

Hope to see you in this neck of the woods again in the future, Dave. In the meantime, travel safe, and all the best of luck.