Alice Wong is very cool. The videos she made of her experiences in Kagawa are very funky, fun, musical, and incredibly well produced. She goes all over the place in this video. Ritsurin Garden, Yashima, Kotohira to see Kompira, Shopping District, Naoshima, Shodoshima, and seems to be having an incredible time.

You can just see that she poured her heart and soul into the video. The next video is also fun and groovy. Alice puts you in the basket of her bicycle and she zips around Ogijima. That was very nice.

The thing that really struck me about these two videos is how powerfully they were put together. Alice Wong has a real sense of timing, style, texture, and makes an excellent piece of work here. I think that she should work professionally in travel advertising. There is an awesome talent here.

Thank you Alice for the GREAT videos. I really enjoyed them and I hope more people will discover your great gifts here.