Chris Okano was on another blog update several days back as he was traveling around the Seto Inland Sea, and I linked to that YouTube video. But, I found this one which is from the same trip but the editing is really wonderful. There is a great attention to detail, editing, smooth transitions, and terrific information. Chris has a natural presence on screen and a very good voice too. Very telegenic, and a golden voice for radio. You can’t beat that. Nicely done. I’ll stop blathering on here so you can check him out:

These guys also keep an absolutely stunning website, called Tokyo Creative, where they collaborate with all kinds of very interesting people living and working in Japan. They review all kind of great places to explore and experience. I’m going to link to their Kagawa section here so you can get more information on this area:

Thanks a bunch Chris! You guys do some amazing work.

Super. Cool.