This is a very exciting time to be in Kagawa, and for people who are interested in art, it is particularly interesting. The Setouchi Triennale (a HUGE art festival) is unfolding now as 2019 quickly approaches. There is not a lot of quality information out there in English so I will do what I can to introduce the upcoming exhibits as the information comes in.

So as the time gets closer, make sure to get yourself booked in the accommodations that are available in Takamatsu. There are a few more guesthouses than there were the last time around so check out and book early.

What I am very excited about some of the developments that are coming. In particular, the Kitahama Alley, which is a pretty cool hip place to be for food and beverages, will be more involved than before. There will also be a lot of live performances too, so it’ll be important to check and recheck the available schedules as your possible visiting dates draw near.

What we are going to do on this site is to also give you some detailed information on some of the artists who are coming in 2019, and some who have been regular contributors as well. It’s going to be fun, and as a long time fan of all forms of art it is a great pleasure to be a guide for you as you make your way here to sunny Kagawa next year!

The official website is run in Japanese and English, with promise of more languages to be added soon. Here is the link for them:

A few things to keep in mind about the Setouchi Triennale is that you can purchase an ART PASSPORT which will get you into a whole lot of exhibits for one price. There may be a few exceptions, especially with a couple of the big galleries. The other passport you can purchase is a 3 day pass for the ferries. This may be ideal if you plan on having a three day art blow out. I’ll let you know the details as I find out.

It is going to be a very interesting 2019!

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