In this series of blogs we are going to introduce artists who will be sharing their art in the Setouchi Triennale.

This very interesting artist, Aiko Miyanaga, has such a curious approach to her work. Working with different styles and materials, she has several pieces that use naphthalene, a substance found in moth balls and in pesticides, often used in gardening. I don’t believe you will suffer any ill health from checking out here very interesting work. And I am very excited to see what she will bring to the Setouchi Treinnale next year.

Her site!:

What is also quite wonderful about her website, and I hope you will cruise around it, are the pieces of prose throughout. Evocative, insightful, and empathic. I was particularly moved by this one:

The catastrophic earthquake in the Tohoku region cannot be underestimated. Even now, people still struggle to get their lives together, to somehow rebuild, and to make tentative plans for the future. It is still a wound that has not healed over yet, hard on the edges, and pain still beneath the surface.

Look out for Miyanaga-san as her work will be on display on Megijima!

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