I have my own feeble Ohenro Pilgrim website at www.yourpilgrimageinjapan.com, and at this moment I am in WordPress purgatory because I am an idiot in organizing the pages. While my own pages languish in limbo I want to introduce what I think is the best Ohenro website. It is: https://www.awanavi.jp/henro/howto/english/

Naoyuki Matsushita is THE MAN of information regarding the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. The work he has done to support, encourage travellers, and to broadcast the unbelievable experience of thousands of ohenro pilgrims cannot be underestimated.

David Turkington is also a critical link through it all as he translated the tremendous text of Matsushita-san into English for you to read. His fantastically worthy website is at: http://www.shikokuhenrotrail.com . Do check it out!

You will also need to go to: http://henro88map.com to read through the EXCELLENT and NECESSARY book about traveling the Shikoku Pilgrimage by foot. Here you can get a FREE PDF file of the 110 page book. Yes, I know its free but you should buy it. Don’t be a cheapskate. You should support the book that might save you incredible amounts of time, give you critical information to make your experience authentic and cool, and also save you cash with great advice and support. Also, it’s well written so there is that going for it too.

The Ohenro Pilgrimage has a theme of “osettai”, a gift for travellers from those who send their wishes and prayers along the path. This is an awesome osettai for those walking the  miles of Shikoku. Once again, if you see the book, do buy it. If you have a chance to send a kind word to Matsushita-san and Turkington-san, please do so.

That’s my plug for Ohenro today.