Amy Chavez just released a new book on manners when visiting Japan. I want to take a moment here on this page to plug the author, especially as I have been a fan of her writing for some time now. I first read Amy Chavez’s articles on line and in the paper. Chavez is quite prolific.  She has excellent style and tone, and is a natural in communicating her ideas, feelings, and ambivalences as well. Not a “know it all” or a “hey look at me” type of writer, but thoughtful, articulate, and deeply intelligent. A remarkable contrast to much of what we find in a lot of the hype and self-promoting nonsense we can find in a lot of media figures in similar positions.

Here is the article I found today on the author:

As an expat who lives in Kagawa I was also greatly impressed that she RAN around Shikoku on the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. Not only is she a smart writer, but she is tough as nails. That is no easy feat, and is the kind of athletic performance we would see in military level trained athletes. I’m beyond impressed.

Here is an interview of her talking about her experiences:

There is also another interview with her here in print:


Lastly, I want to plug the two books that may be of value to people coming to Kagawa, and who are may be concerned or interested in how to get along while visiting Japan. Knowing how people behave, and what kinds of manners they value can be helpful in communicating with new people, and also forming bonds of friendship.

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Amazon Links : for the Running the Shikoku Pilgrimage book and the link for the newest creation:

We are basically neighbours here in the Seto Inland Sea. I think I need to take the family out on a trip and visit her cafe on Shiraishi Island! If you can make it out that way, it might be a cool adventure.

Keep up the great work Chavez-Sempai!! Cheering for you from this side of the Seto Inland Sea!