I am much relieved and happy to see that there is more and more media attention to tourism for a Japan that is off the beaten path. I am a regular contributor for Trip Advisor, and having been to Kyoto recently I checked on the reviews there. They seem to all have a very similar thread of thought.

The sites are awesome, and really inspirational, it is just that it is too crowded.

Being in the Zen rock garden of Ryouanji can be a bit off putting when there are rows of elbowing tourists jostling for positions with selfie-sticks when all you wanted was just a moment to enjoy the stones and raked gravel.


This week is a wonderfully busy week for our Inbound Kagawa project. We have meetings with business association members who are making preparations for visitors, and a local travel company is ready to work cooperatively with us as well. All the pieces are coming together and we expect to have some offerings to suggest to visitors soon. Our goal is to make your time in Kagawa one where you experience things, do things, touch things, and participate in the culture and art. Those are the kinds of memories we keep for a lifetime.