When you are looking for a place to get an original meal, and to sit in a very Japanese, and very comfortable space, I recommend that you come to Gochi No Suke. The space here is quiet and calm. You can come and sit in a very  nice traditional Japanese room and get away from the crowds outside.

When you come into the restaurant take off your shoes and step up into the space. The staff will take care of your footwear for you. Head on up the steps and be ushered into your own private dining room. The sliding doors and curtain will keep your experience private and serene.

The food can be best described as shish kabob delicacies with home cooking. The shish kabobs come in all kinds of varieties, from pork, beef, seafood, shrimp, squid, vegetables wrapped in bacon, duck, and much more. The home cooking are like stews and soups, and we had a delicious array of different things to eat and try. The beverages are fresh and fruity, the beer is cold, and there is a great selection of different sake to try.

Ask the wait staff what they recommend. They will suggest some new things to try and you will be in for some very pleasant surprises.

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The food was really great. Our host, Yamamoto-san, is a wonderful person and he speaks English so feel free to talk with him. The price was very reasonable and we will most certainly go again. Highly recommended!