I am no Kurosawa Akira by a long shot, but I had fun making this video with my phone. It’s brutally simple and not smooth at all, but I hope that you will feel that it was made with love. I love this prefecture. I love Kagawa. It’s the place where I wake up most days. It’s where I teach English to kids, their parents, and people in our community. It’s where I walk my dogs and meet my neighbours. It’s where my children grow up and go to school.

I want to show you a little bit about Ritsurin Garden. The old buildings you see in the video go back to the 17th century. Mt. Shiun (Purple Cloud Mountain) is where the garden nestles against.

The space is pretty huge. You can see a teahouse called “Kikugetsu-tei” which means “Moon Scooping Pavilion”, small lakes, meticulously manicured “hakomatsu” (black pine trees), streams with koi, museums, and sakura trees galore that explode in color in spring.

This video was taken to show you the autumn colors of Ritsurin Garden. We took the kids in the day and then I came back and hustled through to catch some video of the night “light-up” which happens only a few days in the season.

Thanks for watching. I hope you liked it and that you feel inspired to come and see it for yourself!