There is a remarkable woman who has made Shikoku her destination again and again to walk the path of Kukai, the route of the 88 Buddhist Temple pilgrimage that is a ring around Shikoku island. That person is Elly Jührend.


Elly has been coming to Shikoku for many years and she is a very fun, very kind, and deeply thoughtful and generous person. I know Elly through our shared interest in the pilgrimage and became a bit acquainted with each other through the Facebook Ohenro page. She runs that and is a continual source of good cheer, sage advice, and a helping hand. On her last journey through she rescued two kittens from a rice field during a typhoon. They were alone, or left to perish, when she came upon them. Keeping true to her principles she scooped them up and took them with her to safety, and then went through the fantastic maze of red tape, bureaucracy, and hassle of getting them medically checked, tagged, and adopted. Then she took them to Holland. How about that?!


A heroine for humans and beasts, I had a chance to visit with her in Tokushima and in Kagawa. We could talk for a bit and get to know each other. Elly has been kind enough to agree to help our efforts with making Kagawa a more accessible place for foreign visitors  and pilgrims alike.

She is also webmaster at this website. Please check it out!

Looking forward to meeting you in Holland, Elly!!