Here is a selection of her works. I admit that I got lost in here looking at the great breadth of material and media that she draws on and uses as lenses to project her work.

Konoike has shown her work all over the place

Exhibitions all over Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Akita, Hyogo, Kurashiki, Fukuoka, Kanazawa.

All over the world: America, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, Thailand, China Australia, Israel, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore.

There are rhythms through her work, and recurring images and faces. It is interesting to see how they move through the chronology of her work. And there is a mythology that is linked throughout. I cannot pretend to know their meanings, or the places of the characters in her stories, but they are evocative, expressive, and require multiple views to see more, and to explore more.

It is very exciting that she will be coming to the 2019 Setouchi Triennale. Her work will be appearing at Oshima, so we look forward to seeing what is next!