Here is a very good blog on Shodoshima by Rob Dyer:

Mr. Dyer keeps  very busy website called, “The Real Japan: Your Guide to Japan Beyond the Cliches”. It’s great. I recommend it.

He visits the Kankakei Gorge, in its splendorous autumnal colours is a must see if you come during the fall months. He checks out the Twenty-Four Eyes Film Village, location of the famous film. He heads down to the Olive Park, with its famous Greek windmill.

I like that Mr. Dyer thinks that Shodoshima is so cool. He is right. It is. What is surprising is that his website is so thorough with his trekking all over Japan to seek out the best and most interesting parts of Japan takes him all over the country. The articles on his site are really well done, and he’s a good writer. Check out his work. And his book too!

I am going to plug that for him right here:

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