The other day, we took the kids to a big shopping centre nearby called Youme Town, and we had dinner too. Most shopping centres around the world usually have just a food court when people order burgers or sweaty pizza that has been under hot lights for too long. Youme Town has a food court upstairs, and it is not bad, there is a pretty good selection of very edible food, but this time we went to Ryuujinmaru. And we were not disappointed at all.

The style of food is Kochi prefecture cuisine. Kochi is the prefecture on the southern part of Japan and is renowned for beaches, surfing, and the katsuo (skipjack tuna, also called oceanic bonito, or victorfish). It’s delicious, and often served raw, slightly scorched on the outside, marinated in miso, or dried and then used as shavings on other kinds of food.

From the outside it may look a bit hard to access but do not be alarmed, just walk right in. The staff are kind and helpful. There are some things that you can read in English, and you will have a very unique and original dining experience. The menus are full of photos so you can just point to what you want.


Lastly, the way that the rice is made is particularly cool. I am told by my lovely missus, that this method makes the most delicious rice. I do not have such delicate rice taste buds so I just accept her word on the matter.


So, if you are shopping at the Youme Town shopping mall, stay on the first floor and look for this restaurant. You won’t be disappointed, and the prices were very reasonable.