Today we had reason to visit a local company for our “Come to Kagawa” project. We had a great time and also could stop by this very nearby temple. Nagoaji!


You can see from the photos that it is beautiful. When we arrived there was not a soul there. It was perfectly still, as if cut out of time and held in total silence. Nagaoji is a temple where Shizuka Gozen, the love of Yoshitsune, is commemorated. Having lost in love due to war and situations beyond her control, she and her mother enter the priesthood never to truly love again. A lock of her hair is said to be contained within the memorial. I think that is lovely.


There is also an image of a broom that is under the eaves of the temple. It is said to be there to sweep away bad luck. Might come in handy.

Beautiful temple, and one that is likely not emphasizes and many pilgrims may motor on through to get to the end of their long journey at the final temple, number 88.

I think maybe coming here today taught us something about taking a moment to reflect, and be in the moment, before charging off to the next thing. Nagoji: you are a beautiful place to stop and think.