If there is one person who should be singled out for bringing such a positive impact to Naoshima it would be Tadao Ando.

Tad Ando, architect, was born in 1941 and established Tadao & Associates in 1969. He is highly decorated and celebrated all over the world, and is responsible for bringing to life the Benesse House Museum, Oval, Minamidera, Chichu Art Museum, Benesse House Park and Beach, and the Lee Ufan Museum. The resume is impressive, as any single one of these achievements would be a full career in itself.

The Ando Museum is nestled in the Honmura district of Naoshima, and can be visited as you explore the Art House Project of Naoshima. The museum itself is an original structure that allows light to come through slits throughout the building, a signature design by the master architect.

In the museum you can see Ando’s sketches, notes, early work, photographs of the projects he has shepherded in, and models of those structures. Unassuming, quiet, and lot of information about his projects all over the world. Very glad to see this and to learn more about the man behind so much interesting architecture.