In the Honmura district of Naoshima a very curious and very fun art project is underway. Several houses have been transformed into art experiences. Each one is different and unique. Some are funky, some are centered on a theme, some are an engagement of the senses. But don’t take my word for any of it. These places are meant to be experienced, not just talked about.

At present there are six houses in the project. They are named: Kadoya, Minamidera, Go’o Shrine, Ishibashi, Gokaisho, and Haisha. At each location, very kind attendants will explain things to you in English, and guide you in. It was very fun to wander around the streets of the area (stopping for a great lunch too) and finding each place. You can go in any order you like. Just get out there and start wandering around.

As you go through the streets you will see little pieces of art here and there. On a wall, in a corner, peeking through vegetation and stone. It’s a marvellous place to be, and one that is very much off the beaten path of your expectations. If you get lost, just ask another traveler. They may have been to where you want to go, and vice versa.


Take some time to get lost on the old streets of Honmura, stop in one of the many cafes or restaurants to get refreshed, and enjoy the day. It’s not so often you get to explore like this, so make the most of it.