Modern art is something that escapes me. But I think that a lot of it escapes most people. Maybe that is a good thing, or maybe that is what is expected. Modern art, perhaps is something that is not supposed to be quantified or defined too tightly. Maybe it just asks the questions and then leaves the answering up to the audience.

The Lee Ufan Museum on Naoshima is quite interesting. I did not know of him or his art until I came to the island but I was intrigued to see his work. Lee’s history as a Korean growing up in post-war Japan must have had its own challenges and difficulties, but that was not part of his work at all. The art pieces on their own seem to blend into the environment, much like the building itself, which was designed by Tadao Ando.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.46.13 PM

There is art both inside and outside the museum, so that in itself has lots of interesting questions to think about. There are four pieces outside: Relatum-Point, Line, Plane, Relatum-Dialogue, Relatum-Repose of the staff of Titan, and Relatum-Suggestion.

In the “Correspondence Place” there is a work entitled, Relatum-A Signal

Inside the “Encounter Room” there are seven pieces: From Point (1980), From Point (1976), From Line, With Winds, Correspondence, Dialogue, and Relatum.

Moving forward you can see four other pieces: Void, Silence Room, Shadow Room, and Meditation Room.

It was wonderful to experience the art in different contexts, and different media. The museum is recommended and well worth the short walk over to the grounds. Take your time approaching, and enjoy the art both within and without the building.

Here is a very nice “art in motion” Youtube video that will take you right to the door!