It is absolutely exciting to see an industry growing here in Kagawa that looks like it is about to burst. The Olive Wagyu (Japanese beef) is an incredible experiment in beef cow raising that is taking off. The island of Shodoshima is where these beef cattle are raised and their meat, having been fed olive leaves, makes them a very unique and heavily sought-after delicacy. Take a look at this Youtube video on the subject:

But it is not just the company Crowd Cow that thinks the meat has value, the reviews are in, and the famous Meat Show, chimes in on the Olive Wagyu.

I like very much to see the cooperation of business between America and local Japanese farmers. For too long, the island of Shodoshima has been struggling, but now, with this incredibly healthy and delicious wagyu, things may very well change for the future.

But don’t just take a bunch of opinions on the Internet as having anything of value to tell you. You should really try it for yourself. So, you know what to do… Get on an airplane, enjoy the big city life of Japan, get away from the crowds, come to Kagawa, visit the islands, go to Shodoshima, come back to Takamatsu at night, freshen up, and then get out of your hotel for a night of fine dining, hopefully with some original olive wagyu beef.  for those of you who can’t get to Japan right away.