These days I am in an a mood to put a little spotlight on interesting people who have come to Shikoku, walked the pilgrimage route, or who have, in their own way brought some good attention to this region. When I started getting involved in promoting Kagawa, and Shikoku, and the ohenro (pilgrim) experience of this area, I found Tim Voors super super cool YouTube video. I contacted him and let him know that I wanted to put it out on the site (still needs work…) and he was very kind in his response. I check on Tim’s travel website ( from time to time and it is very interesting. I am inspired to see a man live his life so openly and honestly. So, check out Tim’s writing and his site if you have a moment. It’s good reading. And in the meantime, check out his whirlwind video here:

I like this video so much. As a viewer you can see yourself coming to Shikoku and having your own experience like this. And why not? Too many people get lost in their daily life, the rut of grinding expectations, and putting off all the things they should try. Sometimes the tomorrows we imagine will come just don’t.

I like that Tim doesn’t put off his life, and doesn’t compromise on the knowing that life is only known in the present. Sometimes we just need to shake up our lives so we can re-set, re-evaluate, and get on the path we need to.

Thank you for this Tim! Safe travels!