The Setouchi Art Festival is really just around the corner, and it is my duty to do my utmost to introduce the various things to do, see, taste, hear, and experience as you plan your trek to this most off-the-beaten-path part of Japan. While there are a few small attempts to introduce the vast and robust treasure of what Shikoku has to offer, they just don’t do justice to this next live performance group that needs to be introduced.

The Seppuku Pistols!

Most of your experience when you come to Kagawa for the Art Triennale next year will be a lot of ferry riding, and exploring the sites to have some time to experience and view the various art that is all over. But there will be some live performances too, as there have been in the last few Triennials too! Hopefully making another appearance is the very noisy Seppuku Pistols. It is not yet known where they may appear in the region, or on what days, so keep your Twitter feed tuned into the Setouchi organizers and also to the official website (

Here is their write up about the Seppuku Pistols :

Please also check out this great article by Ophelia Vang:

Another brief write up is here:

One more here:

And of course their own feed here:

That’s about it.

But if you want to see how they perform, lower the sound on your computer and check out their YouTube videos.


I posted this video in Master Hirao’s blog but it is good fun to watch again.

Here is the Pistols in New York City. Time Square, no less! It’s all in good fun.

The Setouchi Triennale is really becoming something more and more interesting as the years progress. Come on out to Kagawa and rock it out with the Seppuku Pistols!