Professor Hibino, currently dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Professor at Intermedia Art Department, Tokyo University of the Arts, is to come again to the Setouchi Triennale (Setouchi Art Festival) again next year.

I took a little time to look through his website to get a sense of his art, and while not “artistic” myself in any (and I mean ANY) capacity, I was really pulled into his work. He seems to work across all kinds of media. He has huge scale work where people are acting or performing in and amongst his work. He has sculptures both surreal and very real. He paints, builds abstract objects, collages, and all sorts of interesting work. He has been an artist for a very long time, so his catalogue of work is rather extensive.

In 2013, Dr. Hibino, was involved in the Setouchi Triennale and he created the “Ototoimaru” (The Marine Vessel Day After Tomorrow), and with this ship he salvaged items from the sea floor. Raising them to the surface he created a work/art space for participants to draw and interpret what they saw, and how it relates to the ocean beneath the boat. Highly interactive, both in classroom space on Awashijima, and on the boat itself, the project is very evocative and participatory.

More artwork is in collaboration with school kids in Mitoyo City, here in Kagawa too.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 7.08.38 PM

A very interesting and creative artist, with a sense of making art relevant and important to anyone. Also, seems to have a strong interest in passing on a few important things to the next generation too. Awesome.

Expect to see Dr. Hibino’s work on Awashima!