I spend a pretty good amount of time looking up articles, writers, Youtube, and Vimeo material to introduce you, dear friends and neighbours. There is a good selection out there. Some is bad. Some is overly self-important, but some is simply elegant, classy, non-snooty, and friendly. There is a gem of a channel called Setouchi Reflection Trip.

This channel has some wonderful materials that simply show, rather than tell you what you feel or think. I like that a lot. It is not like you need a guided tour of everything for your life. Yes, of course, a classy tour guide is a wondrous thing, but some people are really not cut out for that, they just blather on about their own perspective, failing to leave room for you to make up your own mind.

Setouchi Reflection Trip is great. Just take a look at some of the videos I pulled up to show you. Here is a great video exploring the art of the Seto Inland Sea:

Here is a video of people cycling in Shikoku, which you can do, and which is supremely cool! More of this particular genre coming soon in future blogs!

Here is one of an interview with a nice European gentleman, discussing the huge variety of things to feed your appetite:

And here is just one more. This video is so beautiful and romantic, I just could not help myself.

All of these experiences are right at the tips of your fingers. Coming to the Setouchi Region is a very reasonable place to visit, and there is so much to experience, try, and enjoy. Many thanks to Setouchi Reflection Trip for these excellent videos!!!

Setouchi Reflection Trip Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Wap3eBSRMRIHSMF9LOvNA

Drop me a note if there is a place in the region you would like to see more of, or any other suggestions you may have: cometokagawa@gmail.com