Our little website, Come to Kagawa, is all about why you should come to Kagawa. As you know, from the blogs and videos on this site, Kagawa is great, Kagawa is cool, Kagawa is where your every single dream and wish will come true…. (ok, maybe not completely true). But Kagawa is only one part of the greater region of Shikoku. To the east of Kagawa is the tremendously interesting prefecture of Tokushima, and it’s time to introduce what you can see there too.

I found this remarkable website and YouTube channel called “YouMeMeYou Tokushima”. They have been working much harder than I have for the past two years promoting their prefecture. We both started in 2016, but they have been making a much bigger impact than I have. So, because they are doing such a great job I want to introduce you to them and also hope that you will explore what is very cool out in Tokushima too!

The travel time between Kagawa and Tokushima is only about an hour, so when you come to Shikoku you can easily make some time to get out there too!

Ok, here is their site: http://youme-meyou.org

And here is their GREAT YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKqi9jZxSMTkAvQQEHIrbw/videos

I like that they interview foreign ohenro pilgrims to ask them about their experiences, motivations, and stories. You can see yourself in their faces, and hear yourself in their voices. Some of the stories are really inspiring! Take a few hours and check them out. Then start making your plans to Come To Shikoku!

Let me know how we are doing!  cometokagawa@gmail.com